The Arborist

........introducing the Arborist - a specialist in the care of trees (often known as a ‘tree surgeon’)

Arborists are a proud breed, passionate about their work and the environment and good tree care professionals are a valuable source of information and advice; they can help you plan the work your trees will require so you can budget for the future and avoid unnecessary expenditure. They will be aware of, and understand the content of, the recently revised British Standard relevant to tree work (BS3998; 2010) and how those techniques should be applied in the real world of tree management and they will be aware of the environmental legislation affecting certain operations throughout the seasons.

Most of us are obsessed with shiny toys and tools and some commonly used phrases are guaranteed to make us squirm!

We don't:
  • chop trees down (we stopped using axes years ago)
  • cut or chop trees
  • lop trees
  • top trees
  • do this job just for the money
We do:
  • fell trees - if it is appropriate or necessary
  • use techniques such as Natural Target Pruning
  • carry out sympathetic crown thinning
  • carry out appropriate crown reduction work
  • this job because it’s an enormous privilege 



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