Contractor Info

  • Adequately trained and competent?
    Are you qualified and experienced to give sound, impartial advice? Can you prove it?
  • Adequately insured?
    Are you insured? Can you prove it? If you operate beyond your capabilities or beyond your training then your insurance will be worthless.
  • Do you comply?
    There is a basic minimum which must be done to ensure that you can prove you take reasonable care -
    How to be sure
    Training Requirements – click here
    Certification – click here
  • Beware
    Being the least expensive does not guarantee you the work; customers nowadays are far more educated and discerning; they will chose the contractor with whom they feel most comfortable – cost is a factor but cheap usually means that corners have been cut and that is never a good selling point in any business.
    Doing work for silly prices undermines our industry, devalues a skill and hinders the development of arboriculture as a profession.
  • Appearance
    While we do not want to tell you how to dress –that’s your mother’s job- it is important to look professional; dirty trousers and shirts are OK at the end of a hard day but it is respectful to turn up with a clean uniform, especially when pricing a job.
    The best companies in every sector have a uniform – good quality corporate clothing is not expensive and can be sourced locally

Do it properly or do something else – trees deserve the best

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