The following list is not definitive or exhaustive but is included for guidance purposes – it is the responsibility of the contractor to ensure that they have the necessary training and certification and the responsibility of the customer to satisfy themselves that this is the case.

A selection of the more commonly requested documents is available on our USEFUL INFO page

You must be able to prove that you have adequate training for the tasks you are to perform – this includes the use of equipment- LANTRA & NPTC (C&G) are the usual ones.

NPTC modules are the commonly recognised minimum requirement

Essential (ground worker)
  • CS 30 – maintain the Chainsaw
  • CS 31 – fell small trees (up to 15” diameter)
Desirable (ground worker)
  • CS 32 – fell medium trees (up to 30” diameter)
  • CS 45 – arboricultural ground worker

Essential (climber/arborist)

  • CS 38 – tree climbing & aerial rescue
  • CS 39 – use a chainsaw from a rope & harness

Desirable (climber/arborist)

  • CS 40 – carry out pruning operations
  • CS 41 – carry out dismantling operations

The following is a list of the basic minimum compliance requirements for ANY business involved in aerial tree work

PPE–Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 1992
Appropriate protective equipment must be worn at all times and must be fit for purpose

PUWER–Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998
ALL work equipment MUST be in good condition and used and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations; you should keep records to prove this is done.
The Operator’s Manual tells you what to do and when.

LOLER-Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998
ALL equipment used for climbing, lifting and lowering MUST be fit for purpose, maintained and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and inspected as follows – records MUST be kept

  • Climbing Equipment (PPE) – inspected every 6 MONTHS
  • Rigging Equipment – inspected every 12 MONTHS

WaHR- Work at Height Regulations 2005
Every job MUST be assessed by a competent person prior to starting.



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