Below is a taste of the (technical) language you can expect from your arborist; don’t be offended – it really isn’t swearing

Stem often referred to as the trunk
Crown the part of the tree made up of the branch structure and foliage
Epicormic growth from the stem, usually up to 6m; removal usually carried out at least once per annum depending on species.
Pruning removal of any branch back to a viable pruning point (Natural Target Pruning)
Crown Cleaning removal of external, diseased wood and deadwood (usually over 100mm in length and 25mm diameter), removal of all previous pruning stubs and those resulting from accidental damage and removal of damaged, crossing, diseased,  compromised or reverted branches- sometimes referred to as hygiene pruning
Deadwooding removal of all dead and/or diseased wood, branches and stubs
Crown Raising removal of lower branches to create or maintain adequate clearance beneath the tree to avoid damage to both property and the tree
Crown Reduction overall reduction in height and spread of a tree’s canopy by selected removal of live growth throughout the canopy by pruning back to a viable point whilst maintaining an even and balanced crown form typical of the species
Crown Thinning removal of a percentage of branches within the crown (up to a maximum of 30%) to leave a well-spaced and balanced branch structure typical of the species
Crown Balancing removal of a portion of the crown –usually specified by reference, sketch plan or compass point- using target  pruning techniques to leave a natural crown form typical for the species

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